Kecskemét University Campus living wall

A sustainable and massive living wall in harmony with nature

The new Kecskemét University Campus in Hungary, winner of the BIG SEE Architecture Award 2022, aims to create a close connection with the city beyond the traditional function that a university usually has. The architects maintained the existing park with 50-year-old trees to create an organically shaped and habitable campus open to the community with outdoor and indoor green areas including Minigarden’s massive living wall. Installed by Compact Nature Kft / Minigarden Hungary it is the highest indoor vertical garden in the country – 17 meters high!!

  • InstallationCompact Nature Kft / Minigarden Hungary
  • Year2019
  • CountryHungary
  • Website


covered with the Minigarden® system


Minigarden® Vertical modules used in this project


Living plants producing oxygen


of CO2 extracted per year from the air producing approximately 93kg of oxygen

Due to its innovative features, this educational campus is also considered a GREEN UNIVERSITY:

Environmentally conscious architectural solutions

Integrated USB chargers installed in solar powered outdoor equipments

Geothermal energy solutions

Solar powered wifi system

Reduced paper use due to IT and process improvements

Selective waste collection

Running track

Encouraging a healthy lifestyle

An adequate number of bicycle storage facilities in order to consistently certify and spread an environmentally conscious attitude

Dominant green area


Project development


Project conclusion
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