JNcQUOI Asia, a lush tropical greenery in Lisbon

One of the largest living walls in Portugal

The project developed gave rise to one of the largest vertical gardens in Portugal, with approximately 4200 plants that release a considerable amount of daily oxygen in one of the busiest and luxurious areas of Lisbon, Avenida da Liberdade.

The installation of our vertical systems was carried out by the gardening and landscaping company Relva Viva. One of the major challenges of this project was the requalification of the existing terrace, so that it could serve as a green scenery for the interior of this famous restaurant.

The entire terrace was covered with vertical gardens, thus creating true corners of nature surrounded by lush tropical greenery. Having a meal in this outdoor patio has become truly unique, a new space where the privacy of conversations is guaranteed by the excellent acoustic performance provided by the leafy foliage of the vertical gardens and the air humidity controlled by the plants on hot days. a relaxing effect on people who enjoy this extraordinary sensory and gastronomic experience.

Another area that underwent a notable requalification was the access staircase of Av. da Liberdade to the restaurant. Here the challenge was to overcome the fact that this area is in the shade 365 days of the year. But almost 4 years later, the plants remain vigorous and with low maintenance, despite the lack of direct light, thanks to our vertical gardens and the excellent work of the company Relva Viva.

  • ProjectTopiaris
  • Websitehttps://www.topiaris.com/
  • InstallationRelva Viva
  • Year2019
  • CountryPortugal


covered with the Minigarden® system


Minigarden® Vertical, Corner and One modules used in this project


Living plants producing oxygen


of CO2 extracted per year from the air producing approximately 263,50kg of oxygen

The outdoor area in JNcQUOI Asia aims to recreate the atmosphere of a walk along the busy streets of Tokyo, Bangkok and Hong Kong. The Terrace has a garden of living cores and a distinct pagoda, surrounded by neon and luxuriant vegetation.



Project development


Project conclusion
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