Eco-Office in Hungary

A place where coworking gains a new meaning

Incredible green walls surround this community office in Hungary showing that a work space can be both productive and eye-catching.

  • InstallationPéter Szilágyi, Compact Nature Kft / Minigarden Hungary
  • Year2018
  • CountryBudapest, Hungary
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covered with the Minigarden® system


Minigarden® Vertical modules used in this project


Living plants producing oxygen


of CO2 extracted per year from the air producing 22,95kg of oxygen

Due to the developments of recent years, community offices and hybrid forms of work are experiencing a renaissance. We have created a community office in the heart of the city center, where anyone can work in a green environment. A place built on environmental awareness... Where plants create an uplifting feeling that inspires you to work hard all day long, where you can build community, make new connections and make friends.

Eco Office -


Green area for cowork


Green area for meetings and cowork
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